12 Tips For Fabulous Eyes

They say the “Eyes are the windows to the soul,” so remember they should feel as good as they look. Applying makeup techniques will only go so far if you have not taken care of your skin. Get an adequate amount of rest, use a good moisturizer and eat a healthy diet to allow your eyes the glow they deserve.

  1. Highlight The Corners

    Using highlighter shadow, lightly dust into the corner of your eyes. This technique will brighten your eyes. You will need to swipe the highlighter into the corner “V” and dust under bottom lashes a tad.

  2. Liner Choice Is Important

    A black liner will close up your eyes, making them look tighter and fiercer. A white eyeliner will open up your eyes, making them look larger and brighter. White eyeliner is great for those with smaller eyes.

  3. The Height of the Eyebrow Arch

    Add height to your eyebrow arch by blending highlighter directly under your brow in a continuous upward motion.

  4. Hooded Eyelids

    Use crease shadow to make your eyes look bigger and fuller. Take the shadow and place it a little higher than your natural crease, but be sure you blend out well.

  5. Before Shadow Application

    Prime your eyes first and then add a neutral or white base to your lids because this will intensify your eyeshadow and make it last longer. Eye Primer is a must for powder shadows, but is for all types of eyeshadow for all-day wear!

  6. Blending Your Smokey Eye

    Hold your blending brush at the end and lightly swipe in a windshield wiper motion by applying medium pressure, but don’t overdo it!

  7. Those Lashes Tho’

    Apply two coats of mascara! Make sure the first layer dries before applying the second. Also, you can use a coat of translucent powder in between coats. It intensifies the length and volume. You will look amazing as a movie star.

  8. Conceal Under Eyes

    Use concealer to hide under eyeshadows or to brighten the eye area. Apply your foundation first, then apply your concealer.
    Same shade concealer to just conceal. Go a shade or two lighter to highlight the eyes and add some concealer. If you are applying/blending the concealer with your fingers, be sure to use your ring finger. Moistened blending bud is best.

  9. The Perfect Wing

    Liquid eyeliner is the recommended way to accomplishing the perfect wing. If you are a beginner, the use of tape at ends can make guiding you easier. Just line up a piece of tape with the corner of your eyes at a slight angle. Start application on the lash line at the middle and work your way towards the inner corner of the eye.

  10. Under the Lashes

    Use a dark shade of eyeshadow at the bottom area of your eye. Smudge it out and clean it up with concealer if needed. Adds a dramatic depth to the eye! Remember highlight the inner corner too!

  11. The Right Brush

    Some brushes can make or break your fabulous looking eyes. Cheap brushes are can be thin and rough and may lead to a splotchy outcome. The brush makes the blend, so always do your homework because not all inexpensive brushes are no good.

  12. Eye Health

    Taking care of your eyes is key to younger looking eyes. Moisturizing prevents fine lines and helps with the elasticity. When applying moisturizer never rub, but dab in a circular motion around the eyes to help with circulation. Using cucumbers, and ice masks can also reduce the puffiness around the eyes and make them appear bright. No amount of makeup can fix the issues of fine lines, puffiness or dark circles, so be sure you are as fixated on the health of your eyes. Avocados, Salmon, and walnuts are a few beneficial foods to add to your diet for great looking and healthy skin.