The Art Of Makeup

When is the right time to wear makeup? It can all depend on whether you are experimenting or looking for the right cosmetics for you? One must ask, why does anyone wear makeup? Almost every young girl likes to explore the world of cosmetics, learn how to apply makeup and the latest techniques. Let's face it, playing with makeup gives you and your girlfriends an excuse to hang out, and it's fun!

I beg the one question that many of you will makeup for you? What made you think about makeup? There is no real time to wear makeup except for your age, and this can be tricky. Your parents may not allow it until you reach a certain age. However, we must factor in the appropriate amount of makeup that one could wear. Being subtle and modest is when we come into the exploration of painting our faces.

Makeup PalletExperimenting with eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip gloss to the many ways of putting on your eyeliner is all apart of the makeup fashion. What color and type of foundation to wear can be a challenge. As I asked in my first open arguments..why does anyone wear makeup?
We believe makeup is worn for various reasons starting with your friends who wear makeup to watching your mom putting on her makeup. The many magazines that showcase models wearing makeup is another significant cause for why!

We believe it makes us more beautiful when in fact that is far from the truth. It may accentuate the beauty we already possess, but it does not make us more attractive just more noticeable. Keep in mind that makeup is paint that can be captivating to the eyes of many, but some feel that cosmetics is another way to hide the person underneath it.

Makeup BrushesModestly wearing cosmetics is based on your ideas of what is modest not others. We would say that moderate is not covering every inch of your skin with war paint to hide your battle scars. Those scares are a crucial component in your beauty. Beneath all that color is a beautiful young lady screaming to come out, so let her shine.

Wearing makeup is fun, colorful and fashionable. Only you possess the reasons for why you want to wear it Always allow your skin to breathe between periods of wearing makeup. By doing so, you will minimize the adverse effects on your skin in the future.