Back To School Tips

Who says back to school is a drab? Of course, your summer was a blast, but it shouldn't have to end when school is back in session! You can create a fun environment even while you are in school.  Preparedness is the keys to your success. How ready are you? 

Did you take the tour?

You should always consider taking a tour of the school even if you attended last year and the year before. You are in a new grade and some of the wings in the school may not be familiar to you. If this is your first year at the school, it is a great idea to set up a time and date to tour the school to help you navigate the halls so that you are not late to class. 

Have you met the new teachers?

Meeting the new teacher is excited, but also a bit of anxiety sets in because you are concerned about how much work the teacher will assign. You even may feel a bit overwhelmed because it's a new school year and you not sure if you will like your new teacher.  Keep an open mind with each teacher as they have their own method of teaching their classrooms. 

Have you gotten your school supplies? 

Every class has a list of supplies needed to engineer your classroom success. Don't worry if on the first day back you realize you didn't get enough paper after all the first day is more about sending home homework for your parents and getting your agenda for the quarter. Be sure to find the best deals when shopping for your supplies. 

Know your bus/driving routes

If you catch a bus, did you check to make sure where it will stop, and the times you must be on the corner? It is best practice to arrive at your bus stop at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled times in case the driver has done the route. If you are driving, then you may want to be sure to account for traffic since school is back in session. Leave the house a little bit earlier than you are used to for the first several weeks of school starting. Carpooling is an excellent resource because it will minimize the build-up of traffic and it gives you the opportunity to catch up with your friends before school.   


You are about to reconnect with some of your besties that you may or may not have seen over the summer. What a fantastic time for you and your friends as you play catch up and reminisce on your vacations. Save some room for newcomers because it is bound to happen in every school. Friendship is a remarkable privilege that we should hold dear to our hearts. Be mindful that friendships are a great reward, but your studies are what will set a path for your future. Making time for your friends is necessary, but don't let it get in the way of your daily studies. 

Make school a fun-filled place to learn and enjoy. School is in session, so make the most of your school year.