Best Of The Besties

Girl time is just that…Time spent with our besties doing all the things that matter.

Shopping and fashion are the cornerstones to most girls who care about what’s trendy. Fashion is a statement you make when you wear the latest trends and wear them well. In case our readers are not aware…Shopping and fashion are a form of art. If you are fashion savvy, then you have acquired the knack for pairing the right clothes that are complimenting, trendy, and hot. Also, you have the ability to create your masterpiece with the perfect accessories. Hence, fashion is a form of art.
The idea of shopping is mind-blowing! When shopping alone you miss out on the critiquing from your friends, but you gain a bit of individualism in your choices. Often you may find the perfect item to match those cute boots at home. You can shop alone and find merit in it. You know that shopping with you friends is a sure way to encounter some form of criticism, but most often it is meant out of love. Friends don’t let friends wear unfashionable or outdated styles. The criticism of your friends is far easier to stomach than critics who are not a part of your clique. Your friends will be honest and share their input even if you don’t agree. Overall, shopping should be a fun-filled adventure with your besties.

Best Friends Shopping

Food is another common interest that friends like to share with each other; often exchanging tips, tricks, recipes, and ideas. The idea of staying in shape has a lot to do with what you put in your mouth. Because most girls are health conscience, they tend to watch what they eat, how much they eat, and how often they eat. Eating healthily also plays on how it makes you feel and look. Getting a bite with the girls is also an excellent opportunity to meet cute boys. Girls enjoy just sitting around the table checking out every cute guy that walks in.

Best Friends Eating

Relationships can take away from time spent with your girlfriends, but it also has an upside to it as well. Sure, we all think it is great having a circle of like-minded friends you can count on, but this can also limit our views from only one sex. It is the life experiences that we need to grow a wider view of the world. Many of us have brothers and know that boys are different, but relationships are different, They are a great opportunity to learn more about the opposite sex, and to find out more about ourselves. We may act differently, or change parts of ourselves when we are in a relationship. It’s a learning experience; Relationships are a great opportunity for learning a bit more about the opposite sex. Besides, find out more about who we are when in a relationship. Having a boyfriend can shape us in a new direction where few girls have gone before. The best part is we share parts of our relationships with our besties. We tell them about his strengths and weaknesses to why he won’t talk about his feelings and so forth. The bond of sisterhood among our friends grows deeper because the amount of sharing is almost limitless.

Best Friends Hanging Out

Hobbies can keep you focused, teach you new skills and keep you fit. Many young girls today are involved in several extracurricular activities. Hobbies are another way of staying healthy and feeling great. Sports such as lacrosse, swimming, cheerleading and horseback riding are exciting hobbies requiring lots of skill. Taking part in hobbies can have a significant effect on how you view yourself through the skills that you have acquired. There is no better way to show pride in a skill set that one has mastered through practice. Many of these hobbies can be done with your besties. They create a deeper connection within your circle and give way for greater conversation.

Best Friends Spending Time On The Farm

Besties, in short, is a support system made up of great friendships, commitments, and above all trust. Friends add another layer of how we view ourselves and the world. It is a great feeling to know that you are not alone in the challenges that lay ahead of you. Your friends inspire you as you do the same in return. All in all, there is no greater way to grow than with those who want to see you succeed.