Choosing The Perfect Venue

As you begin to plan for your birthday celebration and embark on this profound rite of passage, we want to ensure you have the necessary planning tools. Planning a Quinceañera can be fun,  exciting, but can also create unwanted stress. We would like to relieve this unwanted stress by providing you with a list to help you along the way. We know the gown is at the top of the list, but the venue supersedes that variable.

We have found that the venue sets the tone from decor to what dates are available to host your grand party. Your vendors will thank you if this part of your planning is locked down. They may want to visit the space and ask the venue questions to ensure they are a fit for the site and your Quinceañera.

Here are some great questions you should ask when shopping your venue.

  1. I am having my Quinceañera on______________. What dates are available?
  2. What times do we have access to the venue for setup and departure?
  3. What happens if we go past the time allotted? Will there be a fee if we do?
  4. Do you have a floor plan/layout with capacity chart for your venue?
  5. What is the fee to rent the venue? Are there additional costs?
  6. Do you have off-season rates? 
  7. Do we have to make a deposit? How much to hold and how often is payment?
  8. Does your venue have handicap accessibility? Can you provide information?
  9. What is your weather contingency plan for outdoor space?
  10. Is open lit flames allowed? Can we tack, tape or hang decorations? 
  11. What area’s are we renting? Are there spaces of the venue that are off-limits?
  12. Do you have in-house catering or vendors? Can you provide a list of your vendors?
  13. What does the rental include? Tables, linens, chairs, plates, etc..?
  14. If you have your own caterers do you have a menu package with pricing and all it includes?
  15. Do you offer a food tasting? Is there fees? What items can we sample?
  16. Are outside vendors allowed? Will they have access to a kitchen? Are there fees?
  17. What time can my vendors arrive for setup prior to my event?
  18. Can we bring our own alcohol? Do we have to request a permit? Do we need a bartender?
  19. Is your facility licensed to have alcohol? 
  20. Is there a noise ordinance?  What are those hours?
  21. Is there onsite parking? If not, where can our guests park?
  22. Do you have onsite coordination/planning? Does that come with the rental?
  23. Do you have liability insurance and are you in compliance with state and county? 
  24. Can you provide copies of your license and permits?
  25. Do you have overnight accommodations? Do you offer discounts for multiple rooms?
  26. Can I get a copy of your contract to take home and review?
  27. Do you have references and reviews?