Choosing Your Chambelan

Every Quinceañera wants the cute guy escorting her to her Grand Ball!! She wants some eye candy on her arms since she is a Princess. But, will cute cut the cake?

Is it a no-brainer? Should you choose the reliable guy or the cute guy? Sure the cute guy is something to drool over the entire night, but the reliable one won't let you down. It seems like a tough choice, but is it honestly? Why can't you have both? This way you have one to always rely on and one to stare at the whole night.

Let's settle this! There will be plenty of cute guys at your Quicneañera, but when it comes to being reliable, you want to go with the one who will show up to your val rehearsals. This young man will have his attire ready and not miss a beat. In some instances, you can have both, and they don't have to be related to you. Make a list, be objective, choose wisely and honest with yourself.

Your parents have made it easier by choosing at least one or more of your chambelane's which is probably a relative or a friend of a friend. When selecting your court, be sure they all get along and are willing to work with one another. It can be tough when you pair a damas with a chambelan that have a negative history or don't like each other. You may run into the same issue with your chambelane's too.

Take your time and be selective in who you want to represent you in your court of honor. You may run into a few friends or even family members who may be upset that you did not choose them. Remember that this is your Quince, and you decide who you want in your court. You may not pick someone because they are not good at following directions or can't invest the time needed to be a part of your court.

Don't let anyone ruin your Quinceañera!