Did This Happen At Your Quinceañera?

Every Quinceañera has different themes, colors, and setup, but it all comes together at the end. It is comical to see that many of these situations will come to light in every girl's Quince. It is unavoidable and almost amusing! You just have to shrug your shoulder and keep on moving because there's nothing here to see. Let us know if you had any or all of these situations happen at your Quinceañera.

The DJ is also the emcee at your Quinceañera, and you can't enjoy the music without them talking through every song.


Your favorite song comes on, and you start moving and the DJ switches between cumbias and merengue to hip-hop and then the electric slide.

Latin Dancing

You feel like you are in the scene of a lightsaber fight in a Star Wars movie.

Light Show

You feel like you are auditioning for a Thriller video with the amount of fog at your Quinceañera.

Thriller Fog

Do you have that one relative who looks so serious and always pimped out liked the Godfather??

The Godfather

The fun relative who is decked out is what appears to be the upholstery on your tus bisabuela couch.

Retro Uncle

How about that uncle whose favorite movie is "Staying Alive" and he can't help but bust a move?

Staying Alive

Ahh, your mother's sister who can't stop talking about how her daughter's Quinceañera was better than yours. The love is in the air!

Crazy Aunte