Event Decor - The Basics

This is an exciting moment; your party is coming soon!

We’re sure you already dreamt about your party and how it should look, so we decided to put together a quick guide both for those who want to hire a professional event designer and those who want to venture into designing the party themselves. 

Although this doesn’t expect to be an exhaustive how-to guide, it will undoubtedly give you some essential pointers you can use to get things done better and more efficiently.

Should I buy/rent or hire a designer?

That is the first decision you have to make, and you have three primary options.

Many think hiring a designer will be too expensive, while in reality is many occasions is not only the most convenient option but also the most economical.

The math is simple: an event designer will rent you beautiful decor pieces at a fraction of what would cost you to buy them, and on top of that they will put the decor for you and break it down after the event, leaving you free to enjoy your party.  

The other two options are either buy or rent the decor, put the event together yourself and then sell or return the decor after the party is over.  

If you have several months ahead to work in your decor, lots of help and (ideally!) you already know someone who may buy the decor after the party, go for it, this may be a good option for you.

Just make sure you can follow the deadlines for every step of the process, you don’t want to end up with la tia and la abuela running around the ballroom finishing the decor minutes before the party begins!

The Seating Layout

The seating layout is an often overlooked but quite important step, as many vital questions are answered here, like “how big should the tables be?” or “where do we place the dance floor?” An event designer can help you answer all those questions, using the ballroom’s blueprint and computer software to place the tables on the floorplan as they design the layout with you.  

Themes: a great starting point

Go ahead and check all those fantastic themes and design on Pinterest! And while you do it, ask yourself what you like from each of those designs. Is it the color scheme? The centerpiece?  Take note of everything, and if you are working with a designer, show them your notes and cross-check your faves against the designer’s themes. 

Try to use as many of the pieces the designer already has in inventory to achieve the same look and feel you want, hat will allow you to complete the decor package much faster and it may help lower the cost. 

If something is not currently in stock, work with your designer to incorporate the new pieces into your decor.

DIYers, use your money wisely!

If you decide to go the DIY road, remember that you can mix and match rented and purchased decor elements. For instance, you can save money by renting the linens, which will leave more cash available for you to buy unique centerpieces or floral arrangements not available for rent in your area. 

By doing that you will be getting the most “bang for the buck” since unique centerpieces will help you set your party’s decor apart much better than the linens alone.

Linens: the basics

There are many different tablecloth styles, but it is crucial for both DIYers and those planning to hire a designer to be able to identify the most popular ones, polyester, satin, pintuck, crinkle, embossed, rosette, and sequin. The same styles and colors are available for runners, overlays and chair sashes for you to match the style across your decor.

If you’re on the DIY road, try to order your linens from the same company, although at first glance it may seem like all the companies selling linens online offer the same product, nothing could be further from the truth, quality (and color hues) vary quite a bit. You will find that the “navy blue” from company “A” looks quite different from the “navy blue” offered by company “B.”

Tell your photographer about the LED curtains

The brightness of the LED lights make difficult for the photo and video cameras to take good pictures, and that may result in your photos looking little too dark.  

To prevent that issue, your photographer will have to use what is known as “fill light” and calibrate it very precisely, so both you and the background look good in the photos. Just let them know you’re using LED curtains or a ceiling skylight kit as part of your decor, so they take the appropriate flashlights with them to ensure your pictures look fantastic!

But wait! There is more!

We’re missing many other aspects of your party’s decor here (chairs, centerpieces, backdrops, uplighting, ceiling drapery, favors, photo setup, etc.) but we hope this article helped you get started.    

Regardless if you are planning to hire a designer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@onceuponatime.events or call/text at (240) 440-9134  if you think we can be of any help to you or your family. We wish you the best and most beautiful quinceañera party ever!