Is He A Keeper?

Ahh, love!! The magical four letter word that one has reinvented across the cosmos. What makes you think he is the one? How much do you know about him and what makes you believe he is a keeper? These are questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge. Looking for that so to speak "perfect" boyfriend is overrated and honestly not realistic. Everyone is flawed and knowing this can read a false positive when choosing a boyfriend. Here's the thing, be sure to choose wisely and weigh your emotions against your mindset. 

Do you let your girlfriends have a part in how you choose your mate? If so, how much of their opinion rests on your outcome and ultimate decision? A bit of advice is not to allow your friends to be the deciding factor, but their opinion should matter because they care about you. However, be warned of the so-called jealous friend who would stop at nothing to break you apart. Be sure you are of sound mind when receiving information from a jealous friend because they may put doubt in your heart and make you second guess your decisions. Try to step back and make a conscious effort not to assume or overreact to situations that you don't have all the pieces to.

Things you should consider when contemplating if he is the one. Is he a gentleman in front of others as he is in private? Does he listen to your feelings when you most need him? Does he let you share your ideas? How does he handle a disagreement? How well does he react to criticism? Can he give you unbias advice that makes you think? Does he challenge you to keep you motivated? Will he give you the last bite of his food? Remember that he is not the only one on stage for an audition. 

Remember you are not dating him to change him, but because you have chemistry.  It is not wise to focus on the things he does wrong but to focus more on how he treats you. The best relationship derives from a sound foundation with respectful expectations, yet it is the trust, understanding, and commitment that will stand against the odds. 

A keeper is one who above all cares about your feelings, your ideas, your sense of privacy and your sense of self. He will not only act like a gentleman but be one without hesitation.   g