Hello Summer

School is almost out, and summer is just around the corner.  No more classes, homework or annoying test taking.

The summertime is all about letting your hair down and kicking up your feet without teachers looking over your shoulders. What are your plans for this summer? Sleeping in is almost always the top of any teens list of must do's. 

You and your besties have time to shop, play and scope out the cute boys. Be sure to make the best of your summer and get plenty of rest. Summer break is short, and before you know it, school is back in session. Although shopping is fun, it is not the only fun thing to do. Check out the summer parks for the latest activities. Get some strokes in at the pool which is fantastic exercise. 

Take up a new hobby to expand on your summer fun. Although fun is on the top of your list, be sure to protect your skin from harmful summer rays. Find adventurous things to do with your friends, your boyfriend, and your family. 

Get out and get a summer job to give you spending money to buy the things you have always wanted. A job is a significant milestone in a teens life because you gain a sense of responsibility and it feels great. A job is genuinely empowering. A rewarding summer would be one where you volunteer at a facility that is in need of help but can't afford to pay.

The beach is usually a must with hot white sand making its way through every inch of your toes and the sight of the crashing waves. Protect your skin when out in the elements because you can endure horrible sunburn or worst you can get skin cancer. The sun is hot and bold, but it is not an element to reckon with, so admire the beauty the sun offers, but protect your skin.

“A job is a significant milestone in a teens life because you gain a sense of responsibility..."

A great vacation place is a cabin on the lake. The lake is usually more refreshing and not overcrowded like the beaches. You have time to reflect on the things in your life while admiring natures beauty. Tall green trees, chirping birds and perhaps waterfalls. The mountains are picturesque and majestic all wrapped in one. Nature has a way of drawing us into all it has to offer, and we should embrace all it has to offer. 

Enjoying your summer at home has its rewards as well. Staying home allows you to spend less money, and you don't have to trek a long way to have fun. Take up an art class around town or find a stable that allows you to horseback ride. As we said, the mall is not the "say all do all" thing for your summer. When you have a summer job, you can pay for some of these extracurricular activities. Save up enough money to help afford a car. 

Summer fun is not always about being with others; it is also a time well spent by yourself. Pamper yourself at the spa, nail salon or even by the pool. Get out and take a hike or do some rock climbing. You can also go to the library or a bookstore to find a great read to enjoy in your evenings when you just don't have the energy to get out. Time spent alone is a great way to reflect on your choices, plans, and future. 

Be sure you don't get lost in all the fun meanwhile neglecting yourself as you make time to embrace the changes you may undergo during the summer. Spread the love and spend it with everyone who matters and those who may need your time.  Overall, stay safe, have fun, and protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.