I will not spend a dime on a vendor for something I can do myself!

What? A Party Planner costs how much? And what is an MC? We do not need that... “I could easily do that” is the first thought that comes to your mind.

Your quince party is not a regular party; it is a very overwhelming and intense event; It is a memory for a lifetime, a stepping stone, and you should treat it as such.

I know that when you are planning the party, at the end comes a huge bill that we all ignore because if I do not look at it does not exist! However, the truth is there are expenses, and then there are investments and trust me, a Party Planner and an MC (Master of Ceremonies) are a must.

The Party planner is your right hand while you plan this wonderful event, and the phantom behind the scenes that makes things happen and more than once may save the day without you even noticing. Your Planner will help you with things that you have no experience with; they help you find vendors and prioritize, according to your dreams and budget. Of course, you can handle it all on a regular day, but on your Quince party, you are not only the primary attraction. You are the host, and everyone wants to be with you and your parents. You also should have time to party and enjoy. As much as we would like to do it all, that is impossible, and you need to delegate the tasks on that day. If you are already paying for thae day, you might as well have help during the entire process. The price is really worth it.

The MC is the person that will integrate all the elements of the event together, so everyone understands what is next. For a moment, Imagine the Oscars. The MC is the one that leads the event and makes it run smoothly. Sure, there are several presenters during the Oscars, but the MC is the one who keeps the show going and puts the spotlight on whomever or whatever should be the focus at the time. The Master of Ceremonies makes sure guests feel involved, and are enthusiastic and participate in all of the awesome things you have planned for during your big day! Your MC is the expert that will take the party to the next level. Your guests might not remember every detail about what happened, but they will never forget that it was a great time and that your party was legendary!!! 

So the next time you think “maybe I should save on the Party Planner and the MC”, think again. Those two are a must!