But it’s still a long way away…

I know that your quince is still more than a year away, but it is always the right time to start planning your Quince party. Dreams have no start or expiration date, and if it excites you to plan your party and have everything turn out to be divine, may nothing stop you.

If you plan your party with a lot of anticipation, you will have the advantage of defining what you want. Nowadays, there are many ways to check out different ideas that, after a while, may get confusing, but don’t fret. See them all, shop around, look at pictures, find many venues! The more in advance you plan your event, the more opportunities you will have to find what drives you wild and get it; which is how you’ll choose what you really liked for your party to become a unique event with its own style and highlights that will make it unforgettable. What’s more, you may even start a trend that catches on.

I’ll tell you a little secret; your quince is not just one day, not just one party, it is a highly planned-out event that you can start to enjoy since the first time you browse through pictures to see what dress you want. Enjoy the planning time! All that planning revolves around you! Those anecdotes and snapshots will be a great memory once the party is all done. The best stays with you within the memories of the process you went through during the planning stages.
Have a happy road towards your quince.

Article originally appeared in Dulce Quince Magazine Fall/Winter 2017 Issue.