Me Time

As a teen, you don't want to miss a thing! You want to be in everything and everywhere to make your mark. While this is pretty awesome, it is also unrealistic and exhausting. Your friends will still be there even if you choose some time alone because this is a time to reflect on your life. 

Me time allows for reflection and adjustments not always known with the everyday rigor. School work is exhausting and keeping up and making the grade is tiring. After-school activities that keep you fit or you enjoy is rewarding, but also can get overwhelming.  

Great ways to spend time with yourself can be taking walks, shopping, catch a movie or reading your favorite book. You also can take on a day of pampering by getting a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Sometimes, you can just vegetate and do nothing at all. Sure you can do this with the girls, but why? You talk about the same things, and it passes the pampering time to quickly. 

Relax on your porch and watch the sunset, grab a cup of hot chocolate or a cold glass of ice tea and listen to nature. The peace you will find when it is "me time" is profound! Your time is your time, and it should be for you and not others.  g