Mom and Me...

A mother's love is unwavering and sincere. Your mother will support you through your many trials and tribulations, and most of all she will be honest about all things that are true. She is reliable, tender, and inspiring. As a daughter, you owe it to your mother to show her that your bond will not end even as you approach adulthood. She holds many of your secrets close to her heart, and she will never betray you. 

Your mother will shape you into the woman you never thought was possible.  Your bond is undeniable, and your mom can never be replaced. As you look at your life, you see many resemblances to her because she leaves an impression that is unspoken. 

As a daughter, you know that your mother is always your loudest cheerleader your greatest love and your trusted confidant.   A mother’s love is pure and honest, and she will cherish all the moments the two of you create throughout a lifetime.  Take the opportunity to show your mother the greatest gift you can offer her...YOUR LOVE!!  

Your life as you know it will be transformed because your mom's love for you and all of your accomplishmeents. Look after your mother because she looked after you. Show her respect, loyalty,  and unconditional love. Afterall, you only get to dunk this chance once and your lasting impression will be the cornerstone of your relationship with your mom. Mom & Me is powerful, captivating and embraceable beyond measure. Loving your mom is a committment.