My quince, their quince, our quince

Mom! I like this one.

“There are times when my mom gets on my nerves! I’m planning my quince and, suddenly, she really doesn’t get me! But I later remember that, in the end, she is always right, (though I’ll never admit this in front of her) and I’m very thankful for having her with me to share these moments.”

During the planning of your quince party, there will be several uncomfortable moments with your parents, during which you will want to say, “I don’t want this anymore, thanks!” The best advice I can give you is to find the best way to communicate to them what you want, what you like, and why. Let them know it isn’t just a whim. The reason you want to keep the peace goes beyond the sad but true, fact that your parents are paying for the party. They are making all the financial sacrifices this carries, but the actual reason is: imagine that they weren’t with you, that your mom couldn’t be with you during this significant moment, that you didn’t have her guidance. So, instead of getting angry, think about how it is also a great day for them, a day when they can show you off and let the world know how proud they are of you.

This birthday belongs to everyone! It’s yours to celebrate and theirs to be proud of you and the long journey that has led you here. Have fun with them and enjoy knowing that you are what’s most important in their lives and that they will be at your side to make the best of every experience, and your quince is not an exception.

Have a Happy road towards your quince.