Naya Perez

Naya Perez was born at the President’s Hospital: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, formerly known as National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. Naya is a young beautiful Latina teen with great talents and big aspirations.  She is entering her Freshman year at Brunswick High School where she will manage all the challenges ahead while still maintaining her 4.0 GPA.

Cover Girl - Naya PerezWhen it comes to food Naya loves many cuisines and doesn’t dare hide it! She likes sushi..especially her avocado roll with soy paper. Mac and Cheese, cheeseburgers and Italian pasta dishes, are a few other favorites. Makeup is not something she wears regularly, but when she does she may put on a bit of mascara. She has a bit of tomboy in her, and some days it will show in how she dresses. 

Naya enjoys many things but is attached to her  favorite subject known as “Science.” College is a priority that she embraces. There is no doubt that she will receive offers from the many prestigious universities on her list of school preferences.  When she has free time, Naya enjoys hanging out with her friends. She explores most things that are free and the latest movies. Kicking it with Jacey, Jackie, Matty, Michael, and Kyle, her besties is what she enjoys most about being a teen. Don’t mistake this young beauty for a softy. Naya is a die-hard athlete! 

Cover Girl -Naya PerezHer love for staying active is the air she breathes. When she is not busy spending time with her family and friends, Naya stays active by participating in one of her favorite hobbies. From swimming to gymnastics, this go-getter is always on the move doing activities that she loves. Naya has been swimming since she was at the ripe old age of 3 and she has never lost her ambition. She also likes playing pool, so don’t try to hustle her. She is a bit of a gym rat, but she wants to stay in shape and feel great about herself. She is a competitive cheerleader and also plays softball. Watching her will knock your socks off! Naya hopes to become a Neurosurgeon or a Cardiothoracic surgeon someday.  She has no fear of the sight of blood and just wants to help people by saving lives.  

Naya is the youngest of three children, and the love for her family and the bonds they share are truly beautiful. With all the wonderful things in life that keep Naya busy, she still makes time for her boyfriend!  g