You are in the mood to try something new in your room, but not quite able to figure it out! Get gabbing with your girlfriends, and have a paint party. While you are at it, make it a sleepover. Now let's not get ahead of ourselves and overdo it!! You ask What is a Paintover? A paintover is when you call all the gals and tell them the party is about to start. You let them know that they need to bring some old clothes they don't mind getting ruined. You also let them know that pajamas are quintessential to the theme. 

You must make a full plan with who is in charge of what, and what foods you will munch on, along with great tunes to pass the time.  Painting your room is not just splattering paint everywhere, it takes some skill that you and the girl tribe can handle. Make it fun and make it memorable. 

You can start with doing some research on what you want to do with your room and perhaps ask the besties! Make it an all-day event by having your friends help you pick out some awesome colors and designs, but be sure your parents are in on this.  Get mom or dad or both to drive you to the paint store or your local hardware store to pick out some samples.

If you have the design and color/colors, then tell your friends that they need to come prepared and be ready to explore their artistic side! Since your friends are helping, you may want to ask the grown-ups if they could set up some scrumptious munchies, drinks, and desserts to sweeten the deal. 

Be sure you get instructions from your parents so that you don't make a disaster out of the fun. I mean, who wants paint on the! Get your drop cloth laid out on the floor, designate who will tape what. Also decide who is in charge of the brushes and rollers, and what colors to use if painting with more than one color.  Now let the excitement begin. 

Having a paint party can be a bit messy, but less exhausting because you have help. Limit the number of friends you invite, so that you don't overcrowd your room and have fewer accidents as a result.

The moment you lay on the first stroke of paint is when the party becomes real. The joy of painting, when combined with music and food, is a load of fun! 

Get yourself ready and let the paintover begin. #Have Fun! #Laugh More! #Share Space! #Best Friends! #PaintOver