...Pink Shoelaces and a Big Ugly Hat...

We all have different personalities, and you don’t have to like the same things as your friends, cousins or acquaintances. Sometimes, the greater our differences, the better we get along. It is true that, in the world of Quinceañera parties, there are trends that change and fall in and out of style, however, it is a great chance to showcase what you like.

For your party, think of a theme that reflects who you are, what you like, what makes you happy and gets you in a good mood. Nobody expresses who you are better than you. Just be careful to stick to one theme and not mix Ballet with Dancing with the Stars. Otherwise, you will end up with a party that will confuse you and all of your guests, which will end up feeling incomplete. Add some wacky touches, look through the web to get some inspiration and find ideas, but be creative. It’s true that you should keep to the moments and traditions that are essential to this type of party, but the rest of the party is all yours to do all those things you have wanted to ever since you started getting excited about your quince. Your friends’ parties are great to find some inspiration but keep your style, make your party unforgettable with unique details and not to be compared to others.

If you like video games, your party doesn’t have to look like a three-year-old's birthday party, but it can have cute, elegant details in subtle monochromatic tones that can express your tastes. Remember that it is a party, and there is no wrong way to go about it. If you kept the tradition of the quinceanera and everybody had a good time, then you succeeded in the goal of the event which in the future will become the sweetest of memories.

I’ll never tire of telling you to throw a unique event, whether it be football, comics, Barbie, all themes are acceptable, the only unacceptable thing is to have you unhappy. If you dare, it may be you who sets the next trend.

…The hat has powder blue feathers…