Self Defense & Self Preservation

Always be on guard even when you believe you are in the safest environments. There are several critical spots on the body that can help you to safety when being attacked. The predator may have an advantage over you, with their physical strength. It is essential for you to depend on the element of surprise by using some vital defensive tips. Be sure you are swift and hard when you strick a predator. Don't hesitate because this is a life or death situation. If you don't get this right, it will only agitate the perpetrator even more. 

How to possibly free yourself from being tied up. Be sure that you leave room for space and air by clenching your fists. When your fists are released, it can create an excess of space. If your body is being tied up, inhale so that your diaphragm and lungs expand. This technique creates more space and causes your ties to be looser giving you a better chance to escape. 

Every situation is different and may not call for you to fight for your life. Here are some tips to help you determine each situation. Always know where you are going, and the times you are going to be there and when you should return. Tell everyone you know about your plans and leave nothing out because your life could depend on it. 

When you are taking a walk, or a jog be sure to bring your dog or a friend along. Sure your playlist has all the hottest and latest songs, and you are jamming!! Your iPod/iPhone can be your greatest enemy because you can't hear a thing and it makes you super vulnerable to a predator. At this stage, you are not paying attention. You believe this is your daily run and you know the terrain, but what you did not account for was the crazies, the predators. Someone may have been watching your patterns every day for some time now, and they are waiting for the opportune time to endanger your life. They know where you are and what time you will be running. Keep some mase on you or a knife if your state allows a concealed and carry one. Never have both earbuds in your ears at the same time while you are running or walking. Keep the music to a minimal for your safety.

“Never let strangers in your house!“

Personal space and distance when confronting a person or a situation.  Never and we mean never stand too close to someone to grab or hurt you. Predators will say just about anything to get you to come closer. They are liars and don't fall for it! You may even encounter a person who tells you that your sister or family member was hurt and that your parents said he/she is here to pick you up. In today's age, this may not be true since the invention of cell phones. We are confident your parents would have called you in a severe situation as such. You can quickly verify, but be careful when doing so in front of the person as it may set them off. 

Don't fear the word "NO" because it may save your life. Con-artists are good at what they do, and they will use the right words in such a way that you ultimately believe them. Some may even be someone you have known and trust. When you say no, then don't hesitate or carrying on in a conversation just walk away, but with a purpose. Look around to see where you can find safety.  Don't walk in dark places, alleys or unlit areas. Walk wide around building corners.

If you are out,  be sure to keep an eye on your drink and never leave it unattended with anyone. Even your best friend could turn for a moment or get distracted, while someone slips a drug into your glass. Bring it with you to the bathroom in your stall. Never leave your beverage unattended because this is a typical ruse for abduction, rape, or murder.

Keep your cell phone well charged when leaving the house and don't rely on your car charger to get you through the day. Consider having your parents use the safety app to find you in an emergency. Be sure they understand you can be trusted and not to use this app unless a situation arises that is necessary. It is fun being a teen, but take the stress off by being sure your safety overall is the number priority in your life. Shopping, socializing and having fun is great, but your life is paramount to everyone who loves you.

"Predators will say just about anything to get you to come closer. They are liars, don’t fall for it!"

Never let strangers in your house! Even if it's a little girl screaming to use your phone to call for help.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS Call 911 for her or anyone who approaches your door needing help. Always talk through the door, turn on your outside light(s). If your lights are not working, then there is a possibility they are not who they say they are. Be sure to lock all doors, close and lock all windows, etc. Grab a bat, a knife or something in case they make their way into your home. Find a place to hide and stay completely silent. Turn your phone on silent as well. Your first action is to call the police. 

If you open that door you may be opening it to more than one person, but a gang. Someone may even possess a gun. Many predators will create a ruse to get into your house. The moment you tell them you are calling the cops they will more than likely flee.  

Car issues can mean you might be the prey. Flat tire in a bad neighborhood? Egg on a windshield, police officer pulls you over in a dark, desolate area not well lit? Don't concern yourself with your flat tire, just drive on your rims to a safe, well lit and populated area. Don't use your wipers to remove the egg or try to wipe it off, just drive. If a police officer pulls you over, proceed to a safe area that is populated, and you can call 911 to let them know that you are being pulled over and what road you are on. Never leave windows down, or doors unlock when the car is unattended for even a second. 

What to do in a mugging situation. The best idea is to comply, so don't try to fish around in your purse to find your wallet. Safest is to give your entire purse away without a second thought in mind. The items in your purse can are replaceable, but your life is not. 

Lastly, be vigilant about your surroundings at all times and let nothing distract you just because. There are many crazy individuals out there looking to hurt others, so please don't be their next victim by not caring more about your surroundings and safety.  Your ability to act at a moments notice is a reflex that you and your family count on for your safety.