Silvia Genovez

Silvia Genovez is the owner of Kaze Cakes, mother, and entrepreneur.  She started her business in a small townhouse in Gaithersburg MD.

Silvia started baking as a hobby and as a way to deal with all the stresses of life.  She found her new hobby to be therapeutic and started baking on a daily basis. Little by little she got very good at her craft and slowly but surely grew her business one cupcake at a time. 

Her business is named after her four kids, she used their first initial, and that is how she became Kaze Cakes. : Khalib, Aaron, Zach, and Emma. She is a single mom of four beautiful children who motivate her to be her best and pursue her dreams.  

Life has not always been easy for Silvia.  At the age of 16, she became a mother to her oldest son Khalib who is now in College. “ I thought my life was over when I found out I was pregnant” With the support of her mom and grandma, Silvia graduated High School and went on to College where she made Dean’s list serval times. “ Being a teen mom was not easy, in fact, I remember getting pregnant at 15 and not being able to have a Quinceanera It was hard, watching all my friends in their beautiful gowns and me with my big belly wobbling around. I missed out on a lot of activities, parties and social events because I could not go anywhere with a baby. Any money I earned had to be for my son."

“I knew even though I was a teen mom that I did want my son to be a statistic.  When you become a teen mom the chances that your son or daughter will also become a teen parent are higher.  I focused on school and held several jobs to help raise my son and myself with the help of my mom. It was hard, but I was persistent, and I knew that I had to keep fighting for my son and myself.”

 A very determined young mother graduated high school with a son and went off to college where she received her associate degree in Early Childhood Education. 

 “I have always been a fighter, a go-getter. I didn’t let my situation define me, never have and never will. I have fought and have fought very hard. I have seen people turn their noses up at me because of my situation but I always said just give me one opportunity, and I will light up the room. Give me one opportunity and your perceptions, stereotypes, and ideas you had of me will go away because I chose to pick up a book. I attribute my hunger for education as to why I was able to push beyond what the world told me I couldn’t do because I was a young mom. These obstacles have shaped me into the woman that I am today. There is nothing that I can’t accomplish as long as I put my mind to it. If I could give any advice to these young ladies reading this right now, I would tell them “ love yourself and put yourself first”  You have a whole life to be an adult, enjoy the stage of your life that you are in and live it to the fullest to the extent that state allows you. 

“I have always been a fighter, a go-getter. I didn’t let my situation define me,"

Silvia Genovez

Silvia now has a successful cupcakes business, where she makes sure to always give back to those needs. “ I was in need at one point, so I always make it a point to give back to those in need.”  I also teach my kids to give back as well to keep them humble. Now my son is in college, and my other kids will be off to college very soon, and I can sit back and smile at all that I have accomplished. 

“My goals for the future is to build a business that my kids will run one day if they choose” Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of disciple and determination but its nothing compared to how hard it was to be a teen mom.  Being a teen mom is one of the hardest jobs I had to do. Having a business is very hard, but as long as you have a plan, you can do it too. 

In her spare time, Silvia loves to skydive, hike, volunteer, working out and spending time with her kids. “I am living my best life now because of all the work that I have invested into my dreams and goals”  She also loves motivating other women to pursue their dreams and “not be afraid to go after what you love.” I went skydiving for my 38th birthday for the sole purpose of doing something that I feared. I knew that If I jumped, I would be mentally stronger then my fear, there was nothing I could not accomplish. Most people do not pursue their dreams because they are scared of rejection and judgment. Remember on the other side of fear is growth!