What is stress and how does it affect you? Stress is a silent killer that does not discriminate. Don't let stress defeat you! Stress can be a physical, mental, and emotional response that your body is subjected to when left unchecked. Although stress is a normal part of life, you should still manage the amount of stress you are capable of handling.

When you are stressed, do you emotionally eat junk food, or eat when you are not even hungry because stress disorients your feelings. If you are going to eat something while battling stress, find something healthy, but if you are not hungry grab a glass of water to fill that anxiety. You may only be adding more pressure on your plate if you begin gaining unnecessary weight.

Are you sleeping well? Stress can have your mind working full-force, and cause you to experience insomnia. When you are having troubles sleeping try to implement a cool down exercise that you can do before bed. Your body needs rest to combat the stress effectively. 

Health risks of stress can lead to digestive issues, ulcers, and high blood pressure. Are you experiencing internal issues that have you feeling ill? Express your concerns with your parents or a healthcare professional, because this is how stress kills silently. 

"The silent killer that does not discriminate."

Stress if not addressed can lead to depression, which makes you question everything. You are surrendering to an uncontrollable abyss when you don't speak up or speak out about the stress you are faced with. Yes, you may feel ashamed for speaking out about it, but talking about it can also help others, while helping yourself. 

Remember that you should have a good support system in place, create a good exercise plan, get plenty of rest, manage your time effectively, and eat a well-balanced diet. These healthy traits are paramount to reducing stress in your life. It's never too late to ask for help. There are many resources outside of your support base to help you with your stress, so seek them out before it's too late.

9 Ways To Reduce Stress