Understanding Bullying and Surviving It

Bullying is a derogatory behavior about superiority through demonstrating strength and inflicting fear on others who are unable to defend themselves. Bullies inflict pain by way of verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse or mental abuse to instill fear.

It is unfortunately that many of us will be confronted by some form of bullying throughout our lives. Bullying does not discriminate and it is imperative to provide the right resources in surviving a bully.

Lets look at the guts to this epidemic and make light to why a bully feels the need to hurt others. Abuse, neglect and lack of compassion are some of the variables into making a bully. Some bullies will come from loving homes with great parents. However, stress and pressure can be the culprit to making a person snap. Most bullies have been bullied in their past or are currently being bullied by someone they know.

The tone and actions of a coach, a parent struggling from an addiction, a jealous sibling, an envious teammate and so forth. These are the factors that create the bully mentality and when gone unnoticed than they will lash out at others who are weaker than themselves. Bullying should never be condoned or rewarded by no means. It is important to understand why someone would hurt another by way of intimidation, violent behavior and abusive words. What we now know is that you are a victim to a bully who in return is a victim themselves.

"Hurting people hurt people"

Will Bowen, Complaint Free Relationships: Transforming Your Life One Relationship at a Time

Here are a few ways to change the playing field. It is important that you talk with your parents about being bullied. Share all the details of how they make you feel day to day. You should also let your school counselor, the principal or a teacher know about these behaviors. By doing this, you have now made it public knowledge that you don't want to be bullied any longer. You also have now taken the fight to correcting these issues and you are not alone. Your actions can benefit others who are being bullied.

There are support groups that can help you find peace from the fear of abuse. Be sure your friends and close acquaintances know about the bullying so that they can responsibly help when it happens. Their positive intervention tells the bully that he/she can no longer demean or hurt you because you have people who care about you.