The Visitor

We all have that pesky visitor that never fails and comes every month like clockwork. You'd think you were paying bills, but nope this visitor just can't catch a hint. Your visitor usually comes with a name such as an aunt Mary, aunt Flo or whatever you choose to name your monthly friend. 

If you have not had your visitor, don't rush it, but be happy that you haven't endured the wrath of your visitor. Every young lady will emerge upon her monthly cycle, and for most, it can be the worst while others it may be a breeze.  Many of you have this glorifying belief that when you have your menstrual you are a woman and you would be correct. What you did not know is all the bloating, pain and irritability that comes with it, so don't rush it.

Now, what sort of protection will you use? There are so many items to choose from like tampons or pads, name brands or generic. You do have the choice to use both depending on your mood and what makes it most natural for you.  If you are athletic, you may feel the need to wear a tampon because it allows fewer restrictions and more flexibility in your active lifestyle. 

A pad can come in thin protection to ultra thick for more substantial protection. Every young teen should talk with their mother about what is best for their cycle. A pad is most uncomfortable but can be more reliable and safest. Tampons have been known to be the leading cause of TSS (toxic shock syndrome).* Toxic shock syndrome, although rare it holds life-threatening complication of certain types of bacterial infections affecting menstruating women, especially those using super-absorbent tampons.

Some teens girls may experience a short few days of their period while others have to endure several days to even a week or more. The last thing to remember is finding all the remedies to get you through your period. Your mom experience in finding many over the counter remedies for pain, bloating and some irritability.  Your mom has natural resources like a heating pad or a hot water bottle to help combat your discomfort. Overall, get plenty of rest during this time.  

Be aware of your change in attitude because one day you may be a sweetheart and the next you may take someone's head off. You are going through a hormonal shift and most days you can adapt and overcome primary obstacles and later become lethargic and irritable. Make every effort to keeping your attitude in check during these times because you may lose friends and that will only add to your emotions. 

Whatever you choose to use is up to you, but be safe and know that becoming a woman can also be messy.