Weatherize Your Skin With These 7 In-Home Remedies For Winter

Winter can be brutal on your skin, and you should make sure you protect it well. Winter has a way of cracking your skin which will eventually leave fine lines, scars and so forth. Combat these issues with natural remedies you already own in your home. You can use them solo or make them into a mask or scrub to get the most significant benefits for your skin. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut OilDon't go cuckoo over coconuts! There is a debate on the origins of coconuts, but most say they originate from India. Coconut oil smells delish and feels terrific. Cooking with this oil makes all of your food feel and taste light. It has antibacterial and antifungal agents, and the oil is a great moisturizer, it can penetrate better than other oils. Coconut oil can combat atopic dermatitis which is a chronic eczema skin disease. A little-known fact is that coconut has been used in many cultures as a healing medicine. This is why they call it the tree of life, because it comes from a coconut palm tree. Don't just cook with it. Eat it! Use on your skin, or make a mask to enjoy the full benefits that coconut oil has to offer. Who says you have to climb a tree to get your coconut oil?


CoffeeCoffee grounds are not just for brewing while having a fabulous conversation amongst your friends.  Sure, freshly brewed coffee smells incredible and tastes divine!! A little-known fact about coffee grounds is that they are an excellent exfoliant, plus they offer up more substantial properties for your skin. Coffee grounds can gently remove dead skin cells that will bring out healthy-looking skin. Coffee grounds have also been known to help with cellulite reduction. We all enjoy the natural ways to combat the many issues our skin will have to endure. 

Milk/Almond Milk

Milk/Almond MilkMilk/Almond Milk is a wonderful moisturizer that naturally exfoliates your skin. Almond milk, on one hand, is packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Milk will leave your skin less dry. Almond milk is considered a superfood due to its numerous health benefits, and is especially beneficial for skin, hair, and nails. The amount of protein delivered by almond milk is not substantial, but it can impact the health of your skin. The zinc in the milk also helps with blemished skin.  Many foods you consume are rich in vitamin E among other minerals and vitamins. Vitamin E has significant properties and protects the skin against damage, scaring, and the harsh rays of the sun. It is an antioxidant found in almond milk, and it captures free radicals that may result in cancer. In essense milk doesn't only fight calcium deficiencies in our bones, but it also helps with the look and feel of our skin.



Honey is not just used for a spot of tea with the royals! Honey is a powerhouse moisturizer with antibacterial properties. You can't go wrong with this natural remedy.


AvocadoGuacamole comes to mind when someone mentions avocado. So who has some tortillia chips to get the party started? Although guac is a favorite to most, it also packs a punch to improve skin condition. It is highly abundant in healthy fats that your skin craves.  Avocados play a significant benefit to your skin by protecting it from harmful rays, moisturizing, combating psoriasis, tackling acne, and reducing wrinkles. You can take an avocado and make a mask out of it,  and get a cool smoothing sensation on your skin. 

Egg Yolk

Egg YolkSome of us like our eggs deviled while others like them sunny-side up. In this particular instance, we are looking for the health of our skin when using egg yolks externally.  Egg yolks contain vitamin A and lecithins that nourish the skin and treats dryness effectively. The yolk of an egg is made up of mostly water and fats, and it has the ability to lock in the necessary moisture your skin cells crave. Egg yolks will leave the face silky smooth and supple. They have a lot of protein, and this is the building block for skin tissue. Elasticity and repair are some of the things that egg yolks offer to your skin. They also have vitamin B3 which treats inflammatory skin problems while hydrating your skin.  Eggs can help treat your acne issues too.


YogurtDid you know that yogurt is excellent with fresh fruit or to make a delicious parfait? Well, we won't be adding any fruit to this natural remedy that can help soothe itchy skin. Yogurt is a fantastic cleanser for your skin, it can improve  the look and feel of your skin by reducing the blemishes.  Yogurt is rich in zinc, calcium, vitamin B6, and other useful enzymes.  It goes on smooth and feels cool to the touch plus it's refreshing and smells delighful. You can add avocado to make a scrub or a mask. Adding more ingrdients to this vitamin powerhouse, will only give your skin more benefits. You should be cautious and only use plain yogurt without any additives or flavors. Using yogurt with flavors or other radicals can cause a bad reaction and counter the purpose of using a great item you have in your home. Save the flavored stuff for eating!  

more tips for healthy skin...


Three bonus ideas for your skin are massage, scrubs, and steam. Massage the skin with effective circulation by using three of your fingertips to create a circular motion on your skin. By using this method, you will stimulate the cells in your skin to help activate areas that have poor circulation and clogging, plus it is the natural way to firm the skin. The steam bath is great for opening up pores that need deeper cleaning. If done correctly, it can help decrease blackheads and other skin issues. Scrubs are a fantastic way to accomplish great skin benefits. Use dead sea salt, sugar or coffee grounds and add them together to create the perfect remedy for your skin type. 

Other items you can play with in-home, should include coconut oil, yogurts, milk, shea butter, avocados, honey, olive oil, and eggs. These are jam-packed with so many great vitamins and nutrients that your skin craves. 

Vitamins like E, D, B, etc. have significant effects on your skin

Avoid alcohol or products that use this ingredient in their products. Alcohol dries the skin and creates more significant problems.

Eating a vitamin enriched diet can also promote beautiful skin.